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Fencing Calculator

Transform your landscaping dreams into reality with our comprehensive fencing calculator. Our calculator gives accurate measurements and a dependable supply list for DIYers and landscapers. A robust, well-designed fence provides privacy, security, and property delineation. Our calculator makes project planning, material estimation, and cost savings easier. Enter fence length, height, rail size, post size, spacing, paling size, and spacing to get an instant materials list. Australian Landscape Supplies has you covered!

Fence Result

Length: Height:


  • Number of Posts:
  • Post Size:
  • Post Length:
  • Post Spacing:


  • Number of Rails:
  • Rail Size:
  • Rail Length:
  • Rows of Rails:


  • Number of Palings:
  • Paling Size:
  • Paling Length:
  • Paling Spacing:

Additional Materials