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Drainage Gravel - Bedrock

GST included

Drainage Gravel Bagged by Bedrock is a high-quality 10-20mm aggregate and the perfect choice for all your drainage needs. Whether you're looking to improve drainage in large tubs and planter boxes, or need a medium for retaining walls and trenches, Bedrock Drainage Gravel is the solution for you in a convenient bag.

With its superior drainage capabilities, our gravel will prevent waterlogging and ensure optimal water flow, making it ideal for both residential and commercial use. Made from durable materials, our gravel is long-lasting and won't break down over time, ensuring your drainage remains efficient for years to come.

Drainage Gravel - Bedrock Specifications

  • Size: 10-20mm
  • Choose the right medium for retaining walls and trenches
  • Improve your plant's health with proper drainage