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Garden Edging & Raised Garden Beds

Shop our wide range of Garden Edging & Raised Garden Beds at competitive prices. From quality brands including Straightcurve & Edenstone, we offer fast delivery or click-and-collect from our Brisbane Showroom.

Many people use DIY garden edging to make their backyards and gardens easier to maintain. Quality garden edging will stop grass from your lawn from creeping into adjacent areas where you don’t want it. It will also prevent mulch from getting all over your lawn or patio every time you water your flower beds.

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What is Straightcurve Garden Edging?

Whether you want to create a lawn area with sharp, straight edges that are easy to maintain or a series of curved, terraced flower beds, you can do it quickly, easily and inexpensively with the Straightcurve range of garden edging, raised garden beds and planter boxes.

Specifically designed for quick & easy installation with basic household tools, this steel garden edging comes pre-drilled & prepared for self-assembly. It is simple to shape by hand with no training or experience and affordable compared to the alternatives.

Choose from our range of quick-connect steel garden edging in different styles and heights to suit your garden design. All currently in-stock, and ready for collection from our Brisbane showroom or delivery.

Types of Garden Edging: which is right for your yard?

Whether you want galvanised or rusted steel edging or if you opt for stone garden edging, we have above-ground and in-ground solutions for all your garden maintenance and landscaping needs.

Our steel garden edging is available in profiles with a height of 75mm, 100mm and 150mm while our above-ground edging products like raised garden beds & planter boxes are available in heights of 240mm, 400mm and 560mm.

Stone edging is made from natural materials is a easy and practical way to divide off a landscaped yard. Stone edging can also serve to divide lawn and garden spaces while preventing soil loss and erosion. There are a few different ways to install a natural stone edge, including stacking the stones, digging a trench, or using mortar.

Raised Garden Beds

Popular for growing fruits and vegetables, raised garden beds are a must if you are looking for an easier and more organised way to grow plants and vegetables. Not only this, but raised beds also boost drainage and can be used to experiment with different types of soil to your garden.

Whether you want to create a single raised garden bed or a complex, multi-level garden design, our raised garden bed products will make your task much easier to complete. For a low-maintenance, natural-looking, low garden wall that will stand firm for many years, you won’t find a better option than our Corten steel raised garden beds.

If you like the idea of a durable steel retaining solution but want a more contemporary finish that will retain its original appearance over a long period, we recommend taking a look at our galvanised steel products.

Benefits of a Raised Garden Bed

Apart from pleasing visual effects and solution to poor soil issues in gardening, raised garden beds are a wonderful choice for veggie gardens for many different reasons:

  • Good drainage: Since soil is raised above the surrounding ground level, raised garden beds provide good & efficient drainage even in heavy rains.
  • Better weed control: Raised garden beds are known for rendering few weed related problems. The combination of loose soil and good accessibility to the beds make it easier to pull the weeds that have come up.
  • Soil compaction: Raised garden beds often prevent the risk of soil compaction as you do not need to walk on the soil surface in order to maintain your plants.
  • Less maintenance: A raised garden bed is very easy to maintain. The only tools required for maintenance are a trowel and a garden rake.
  • Easy access: Raised garden beds are easier to manage even for gardeners with physical disability or mobility issues. The height of the bed can be adapted as per the individual choice or situation so that it’s comfortable to sit and work alongside.