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Australian Landscaping Blog

A man and child watering their garden

How To Lay Turf In 7 Easy Steps

Elevating your outdoor space with lush green grass begins with proper turf installation, a process made manageable through these 7 easy steps. From envisioning your dream lawn to aftercare, our guide ensures you'll soon have the best looking turf in your neighborhood. 
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Digging in the backyard

Get your garden ready for Christmas with the team at AusLS.

Check out our tips on lawn care, planter boxes, extra seating and bringing indoors your living Christmas tree. 

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Maximise your Street Appeal with Landscaping

Maximise your Street Appeal with Landscaping

Getting the best value for your dollar when getting new tenants or selling your property is top of mind for savvy investors.

Whether its your own home or an investment property, having an inviting presence when people are walking up to the property can make a huge difference in the resulting offers, and the speed of your transaction. 

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DIY Garden Beds made of Stone and Concrete

DIYers Guide to Building Garden Beds

Combine your passions and create your own garden bed in your backyard.


 It’s a fun and rewarding way to improve your outdoor space, enjoy the fresh air, and grow your own food.

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