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Indoor Potting Mix - 22L | Rocky Point

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30L Bag

Elevate Your Indoor Oasis with Indoor Potting Mix

Rocky Point Indoor Potting Mix is the ultimate blend for your lush indoor oasis. Developed by our Growing Intelligence Experts, this mix is tailored to suit a wide variety of indoor plant types. Our unique formula includes natural biological controls to prevent fungal gnats, ensuring your plants grow in a healthy, vibrant environment. This tried and tested blend will feed your indoor plants for up to 9 months, thanks to the controlled-release fertiliser addition.

Why Choose Rocky Point Indoor Potting Mix?

  • Long-Lasting Ingredients: Designed to make your indoor plant varieties thrive.
  • Moisture and Nutrient Retention: Coir and zeolite hold moisture and nutrients close to roots to stimulate growth.
  • Fungal Gnat Prevention: Natural biological controls are included to remove fungal gnats.
  • Improved Aeration and Structure: Perlite is added to ensure a well-drained mix, which is essential for indoor plants.
  • Controlled Release Fertiliser: Provides healthy growth in foliage for up to 9 months without the need for frequent reapplication.

How to Use Rocky Point Indoor Potting Mix

  1. Before repotting, give your plant a thorough wetting down and choose a pot that’s at least one-third bigger than the initial pot.
  2. Place a small amount of Indoor Potting Mix in the base of the pot.
  3. Position the plant in the centre of the pot and fill around the edges to within 20 mm of the top of the pot with Indoor Potting Mix.
  4. Press down gently.
  5. Water in well immediately, and then regularly over the next few weeks depending on plant positioning and time of year.

Ingredients for Success

  • Coir Fibre & Chip: Enhances moisture retention and provides a natural, organic water-saving solution.
  • Zeolite: Helps to reduce the need for frequent watering and fertilising.
  • Perlite: Improves aeration and structure, creating an ideal root environment.
  • Controlled Release Fertiliser: Ensures your plants are consistently fed, promoting lush and healthy growth.

Rocky Point Indoor Potting Mix is available in 22L bags, providing you with the perfect amount to start or expand your indoor plant collection. Experience the difference with Rocky Point – where your plants come first.

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