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Raised Garden Beds Bunnings: Looking for a better option?

If you live in Queensland and want to DIY-build a raised garden bed, your first thought might be to drive to your local Bunnings Warehouse (or jump on their website) to see what’s available there, and if that is your first thought, you’re certainly not the only one to have it. You can find all manner of DIY raised garden bed options in Bunnings. After a quick search you can see there are raised garden bed kits made from UV-treated plastic, white cypress timber, and corrugated iron. There’s also the option of buying the raw materials (e.g. treated pine) to make a raised garden bed from scratch.

But what if you don’t have a Bunnings on your doorstep? Or what if the products you can buy from Bunnings don’t suit what you’re trying to build? What else is out there?

If you’ve asked yourself “What’s a better option to the raised garden beds available in Bunnings?” this article is for you.

Raised Garden Bed options you will find in a Bunnings

There are many reasons you might head to Bunnings to grab something for a DIY raised bed gardening project. For starters, there’s a good chance you’ll have at least one Bunnings Warehouse near your home. And since they stock a big range you’ll likely have plenty of options to choose from in one place.

Many of the raised garden bed premade products (DIY kits) offered at Bunnings are great if you’re looking for lightweight materials or a relatively cheap & easy way to create temporary raised garden beds. Plus, if you’re handy and have the tools for the job, you can buy the raw materials and build something from scratch rather than limit your choices to preset DIY raised garden bed kits.

Raised Garden Bed options you won't find at Bunnings

Suppose you’re looking for something with a more upmarket look; the kind of high-quality engineered steel product a professional landscaper would use. Or maybe you’re chasing a modular product that will allow you to build something semi-custom – rather than limiting your choices to premade products or fixed kits.

Perhaps you particularly like the natural rustic look of weathering steel (aka corten) or the contemporary look of galvanized steel. Or you want to build something engineered to stay straight (or curved) for many years. 

If this is you, you’d do well to explore the options Straightcurve offers as an alternative to Raised Garden Beds from Bunnings.



What type of Raised Garden Bed is suitable for me? 

If you want to:

  • Build a custom size or shape of raised garden bed: The premade products and fixed kits available in Bunnings may not work for you.
  • Use a modular steel product that’s easy to build and shape by hand, as a DIY gardener: The products in Bunnings probably wouldn’t be appropriate.
  • Create a custom-sized circular tree-ring-style raised garden bed: You may not find anything suitable in Bunnings.
  • Make an irregularly shaped raised garden bed with a mixture of straight and curved panel: A trip to Bunnings may not cut it.

In any of the above scenarios sourcing products from Bunnings probably won’t be your best bet. On the other hand, the Straightcurve Raised Garden Bed range is designed for exactly these situations.


If you’re looking to DIY-build a custom-designed raised garden bed (using galvanised or weathering steel) Straightcurve offers an ideal alternative to products you’ll find in Bunnings.

Plus, if you want to source a modular raised garden bed product that’s part of a family of high-quality steel edging products, Straightcurve is what you need.

Why Straightcurve Raised Garden Beds? 

Because it’s Australia’s only high-end modular steel landscaping range that’s:

Specifically designed for quick & easy installation with basic household tools, pre-drilled & prepared for self-assembly, simple to shape by hand with no training or experience. It's also more affordable compared to the alternatives, always in-stock, and ready for collection or delivery.

No other off-the-shelf product is as:

  • Extremely high-quality
  • Quick to connect
  • Above ground edging (no need to bury 1/3 of the product) 
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Easy to shape by hand
  • Hard wearing
  • Adaptable to onsite changes
  • Simple to install
  • Suitable for all soil types
  • Precisely made
  • Affordably priced

Why doesn't Bunnings sell Straightcurve?

Straightcurve prefer to work with small, independent Australian businesses like Australian Landscape Supplies. This gives Straightcurve more freedom & flexibility to play by their own rules and work with businesses that align with their values. The entire Straightcurve range is only available through a select group of independent stockists, professional designers and professional landscapers. 

This makes the Straightcurve product less common and there is an upside to this. If you choose Straighcurve, your raised garden beds will look more bespoke than if you use a more widely available, off-shelf product. 



The Straightcurve range is an alternative to the products available at Bunnings, Mire10, or Home Hardware. It's worth considering if you're chasing a high-quality, raised garden bed option that's extremely customisable and DIY friendly.   

Shop the entire Straightcurve range online with Australian Landscape Supplies or visit our Eagle Farm Warehouse!