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Paver Sand - OneMix

GST included

Approx. 102 x 20kg bags = 1m3

Weatherproof Packaging

  • Safe for year-round (unopened) outdoor use
  • seals off the product from escaping and the dust from accumulating
  • Resistance to tearing and shock has been increased, which helps cut down on waste.

Our high-quality bonding agent is mixed with our fine-graded sand to create OneMix Paver Sand, which is then used to create a strong, even bond between pavers.

The OneMix Paver Sand, with its malleable yet strong finish, is an excellent choice for heavily travelled areas, as it allows for some give to save unnecessary wear and tear while still creating a pleasant walking surface.

Paver Sand - OneMix Specifications

  • Decreases the potential for pavements to shift
  • It's ideal for busy streets and intersections
  • Durable enough to withstand regular use without succumbing to extreme wear