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Indoor Plant Water Meter - 2 Pack | Rocky Point

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2 Pack

Get plant watering done right!

Discover the Ultimate Solution for Perfectly Hydrated Indoor Plants

Are you struggling to maintain the perfect watering routine for your indoor plants? Say goodbye to the guesswork with Rocky Point's Indoor Plant Water Meter. Designed to accurately measure moisture at the root level, this innovative tool ensures your plants receive just the right amount of hydration, preventing issues like root rot and plant stress.

Features & Benefits:

  • Effortless Plant Care: Say farewell to watering woes with an easy-to-use device that teaches you healthy watering habits.
  • Prevents Root Rot: Avoid the common pitfall of overwatering, preserving the health of your plants.
  • Reduces Plant Stress: Keep your plants happy and thriving by preventing under watering.
  • Simple Indicator System: Easily determine when your plant needs watering with a clear color indicator – blue for moist, white for thirsty.
  • Universal Fit: Ideal for pots ranging from 12-18cm (4.7 to 7 inches) in diameter, ensuring compatibility with most indoor plants.
  • Temperature Tolerant: Operates seamlessly in temperatures ranging from 5-40 degrees Celsius, providing reliable performance in various environments.
  • Long-lasting: Enjoy up to 9 months of continuous use with a durable core, ensuring consistent monitoring of your plants' hydration levels.

How to Use Indoor Plant Water Meter - Rocky Point

Ensure optimal results with these simple steps:

  1. Insert the water meter into the potting mix, ensuring the arrow points downward and sits just above the mix.
  2. Water your plant and observe the color change from white to blue within 5-20 minutes.
  3. Monitor the meter: blue indicates optimal moisture, while white signals the need for watering.
  4. Reassess over time as the meter returns to white, indicating when it's time to water again.

Transform your indoor garden into a lush oasis with Rocky Point's Indoor Plant Water Meter. Keep your plants thriving with precision and ease.

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