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Lightweight Retaining Walls

Queensland's largest range of high-quality lightweight retaining walls.

These innovative lightweight retaining walls weigh just 7.6 kg per linear meter. Crafted from advanced composite materials, they are an impressive 75% lighter than steel, all while maintaining superior strength and resilience. This translates to reduced effort and time during transportation and installation, making your landscaping projects more efficient and cost-effective.

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Why Lightweight Retaining Walls?

Our composite sleepers, also known as lightweight retaining walls, offer unparalleled strength, sustainability, and longevity, making them the top choice for your next landscaping project.

What are Composite Sleepers?

At just 7.6 kg per linear meter, these BETTA SSR composite sleepers redefine the concept of lightweight yet robust construction. Crafted using cutting-edge composite materials, our sleepers are up to 75% lighter than steel while surpassing it in strength and resilience. This means less time and energy are required for transportation and installation, making your landscaping endeavours more efficient and cost-effective.

We offer direct to site crane truck delivery, or click & collect from our Eagle Farm Warehouse.

From Coffs to Cairns, and surrounding areas, we have delivery options to meet your landscaping needs. For customers outside these areas, get in touch with us to discuss delivery options and your composite sleeper requirements.

Sustainable Retaining Walls

BETTA S.S.R Sleepers are made from 88% recycled plastic and wood, with solid steel reinforcement, these composite sleepers represent a significant step towards reducing environmental impact without compromising on quality.


Additionally, their polymer construction makes them resistant to things like termites, and extreme weather conditions, ensuring a maintenance-free lifespan that extends beyond traditional materials.


F.R.P Sleepers use 75% less power to install compared to concrete sleepers. This is why these retaining walls are the best sustainable alternative to timber sleepers and railway sleepers, they are not only 100% termite-proof but also highly resistant to decay. 

AusLS - Your One Stop Shop

With a 30-year guarantee, you can trust that these composite sleepers will stand the test of time. Whether you're building retaining walls, garden beds, or other landscaping features, our lightweight retaining walls offer unmatched versatility and reliability.


You can also pickup landscaping tools for your job, including post hole diggers, shovels, agi pipe and drainage solutions as well as gravel, sand and cement.

We are your one stop shop for everything landscaping and can assist you with all your retaining wall needs. Explore our range today and elevate your landscaping and construction projects.

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