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Pentablock - Modular Concrete Blocks

What is Pentablock and how does it work?

Discover PENTABLOCK® - a revolutionary interlocking vertical construction block system with a patented design for quick, mortarless assembly. Versatile and stunning, PENTABLOCK® is perfect for retaining walls, feature walls, residential, commercial buildings, pools, and fencing.

Years of research have led to this innovative Dry Stack walling system, outperforming traditional methods. Builders and installers enjoy enhanced productivity and structural strength with PENTABLOCK®.

Experience the future of construction - choose PENTABLOCK®.

Quick and easy to install!

Man aligning the first layer of a Pentablock retaining wall


Setting the initial course of blocks perfectly in line and level ensures a seamless installation, guaranteeing vertical alignment and effortless assembly.

Stacking and building the Pentablock retaining wall


Simply dry stack PENTABLOCK® on top of each other in a brick bond pattern to your desired height.

Core filling the Petablock retaining wall cavities


Fill cavities with concrete grout if the desired height exceeds three blocks.

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