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Bitflex | Waterproofing & Sealing - Crommelin

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Bitflex by Crommelin is a water-based bitumen emulsion that has been expertly modified with a synthetic rubber co-polymer, ensuring exceptional waterproofing properties and unmatched flexibility. When it comes to keeping your structures watertight, Bitflex is the go-to choice.

Bitflex, a water-based bitumen emulsion, is expertly modified with a synthetic rubber co-polymer, delivering outstanding waterproofing capabilities and remarkable flexibility. Here's why Bitflex stands out from the competition:

  • Seamless Application for Leak-Free Performance - a seamless application, ensuring a tight seal that withstands even the most challenging conditions. No more worrying about leaks or water damage.
  • Strong Adhesion for Premium Long-Lasting Performance - robust adhesive properties, Bitflex creates a powerful bond with various surfaces, providing you with premium and long-lasting waterproofing performance. Trust in its durability to protect your projects for years to come.
  • Remains Watertight Under Permanently Wet Conditions - exceptional water resistance, maintaining its watertight seal even under constantly wet conditions. Feel confident in its ability to safeguard your structures against moisture damage.
  • Quick Drying & Fast Re-Coat Time - a quick drying time and fast re-coat capabilities, allowing you to proceed swiftly and efficiently with your waterproofing tasks.
  • Permanent Flexibility Accommodates Structural Movement - designed to handle them with ease. Its permanent flexibility ensures that it can adapt to the natural shifts and expansions of the substrate, preventing cracks and maintaining its effectiveness.
  • Non-Flammable & Low VOC - a non-flammable product with low VOC (volatile organic compounds) content, ensuring a secure application without compromising air quality.
  • Wide Range of Suitable Surfaces & Substrates - a versatile solution suitable for a wide variety of surfaces and substrates. Whether you're working with aluminium, brickwork, cementitious substrates, concrete, fibre cement, masonry, or even steel, Bitflex has got you covered.

Locations for Use

Bitflex is ideal for various applications, including:

  • Below Ground (Non-Critical) - below-ground projects, such as retaining walls or planter boxes, Bitflex provides the ultimate protection against water infiltration.
  • Exterior Use - walls, plant pots, or timber posts, Bitflex ensures that your structures remain impervious to water damage, even in harsh outdoor conditions.
  • Non-Exposed - specifically formulated for non-exposed areas, offering dependable waterproofing where UV exposure is not a concern.

Bitflex by Crommelin Specifications

  • Waterproofing
  • Sealing
  • High quality
  • Size: 15L
  • Quick drying
  • Australian manufacturer
  • Waterproofing & Sealing specialists for 60 years