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Organic Garden Soil - 25L | Greenworld Organics

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Transform Your Garden with Organic Garden Soil

Enrich your garden with Greenworld Organics Organic Garden Soil. This premium blend is your key to unlocking a world where plants thrive and yield abundantly. This organic garden soil is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and superior gardening results. It’s not just soil; it’s the foundation for a thriving ecosystem in your backyard.

Why Choose Greenworld Organics?

  • Certified Organic Quality: Our garden soil meets the rigorous standards of Australian Standards 4419, ensuring your garden’s health from the ground up.
  • Rich, Composted Ingredients: We use quality composted materials that re-energize tired garden beds and improve soil structure and nutrition.
  • Microbial Activity Booster: The composition of our soil encourages microbial activity, leading to better aeration, wettability, and fertiliser efficiency.
  • All-Purpose Soil Solution: Whether it’s for vegetables, fruits, or ornamental plants, our garden soil is the perfect medium for all your gardening needs.
  • Sustainable Gardening: By choosing our organic garden soil, you’re contributing to water conservation and healthier root systems, thanks to our eco-friendly formula.

How to Use Greenworld Organics Garden Soil

  1. Revitalizing Existing Beds: Apply a 50-100mm layer over existing soil, dig in well to a depth of at least 150mm, and water thoroughly.
  2. Planting New Gardens: For ground planting, place at least 100mm of our garden soil at the bottom of the planting hole, then backfill and water generously.

Ingredients for Success

  • Organic Compost: Enriches the soil with essential nutrients for optimal plant health.
  • Coconut Fibre & Chip: Enhances moisture retention and serves as an organic water-saving solution.
  • Zeolite: Minimizes the need for frequent watering and fertilising, making your gardening more efficient.
  • Balanced Trace Elements: Provides your plants with the equivalent of a multivitamin boost, ensuring balanced growth and vitality.

Embrace the organic way with Greenworld Organics Organic Garden Soil and watch as your garden transforms into a lush paradise.

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