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Get your garden ready for Christmas with the team at AusLS.

Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year, it’s a time to reflect on the year passed, set plans for the future, spend time with loved ones and best of all, a chance to relax. Spend some time getting your garden ready now, and you can take advantage of the most wonderful time of the year.


Trough Garden Pots

Making your yard inviting for guests.

Spending a little time enhancing your garden now, will mean it’s looking the best for the season, making and inviting and welcoming feel for the events you are planning on hosting at home.

Love your lush lawns

Let’s start with lawn care, you may want to get your lawns nice and lush, so spending some time now fertilising and watering will give you that rewarding all over green in time for the holidays. If your lawns are a little worn, you may want to splurge and get some turf to enhance your yard, or even investigate artificial turf as a longer lasting easy care option.

Mulch your gardens.

By adding mulch you are doing both yourself and your gardens a favour. You will save water as there is less evaporation and your plants will look better for longer. You will also cover weeds and have more free time as you won’t need to do that chore of pulling those invaders out of your garden beds as often.

You can mulch with Pine Bark, Cypress, Sugar Cane or Ti-tree, or for something different you can use natural pebbles and stone.

Add some new trees and plants, grab a planter box.

Add a new dimension to your yard with our range of modern look planter boxes, these have been specifically designed to change over time by weathering as they are exposed to the elements. This makes for a unique living element in your garden that your family and friends will see year after year.

Planter Boxes

Extra seating – with a block wall.

If you are planning on creating additional spaces with retaining walls and dividing areas, allow your design to include some lower walls for additional seating all year round. Our range includes the dry stack interlocking DIY system Pentablock, which was used for landscaping House 5 on the Block 2022.

By using the stylish natural stone caps on the top of a low wall, you can create a space for people sit in your garden, without needing additional chairs. You can dress this up for comfort with a few throw cushions, and use some tealight candles along the top for added ambiance in the evening .

Pentablock Walls

Bring inside your living Christmas tree.

This is such a simple concept with great impact and year-round happiness. If you have a living Christmas tree you can watch it grow from year to year, with your children (or your pets) and by keeping it in a pot you can move it indoors for the season, and then back outside again for the rest of the year. Our lightweight pots start from only 3kg in a range of modern colours that are perfect for a safe haven for your adopted tree.

Your family Christmas traditions may include bringing “Norbert” inside for dressing him up for the season with a personalised pot cover, or perhaps giving your tree a new name every year to share the tree between all the members of the family, You can then create a theme for your decorations and hand make them together, creating wonderful memories that last your family for years.

 Living Christmas Tree


From all of us at Australian Landscaping Supplies to all of you, we’d love to be part of your happy Christmas memories.

Get in touch to see how we can help 😊