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Maximise your Street Appeal with Landscaping

Getting the best value for your dollar when getting new tenants or selling your property is top of mind for savvy investors. Whether its your own home or an investment property, having an inviting presence when people are walking up to the property can make a huge difference in the resulting offers, and the speed of your transaction. Get great results with your property through maximising your street appeal.


Pentablock wall at the Block 2022

What is Street Appeal?

Street appeal is the look and feel of a property when being viewed from the street. This applies to both commercial and residential, houses, units, and complexes. When someone comes to view your property you want them to feel good walking in, because this makes them feel more emotionally attached and interested in the property. Especially if it’s an easy-care landscape with minimal upkeep which makes people feel like they can simply walk in and live. 

Top three tips for best street appeal.

Here’s a quick list of our top three tips to get the best results for your street appeal, without breaking the bank.

  1. Great gardens start with edging 

    Make sure your gardens are all kept in place with edging that keeps created zones individually sectioned off. The land looks organised, well displayed and simple to take care of, making buyers or potential tenants more interested.

    You can create zones with pebbles and stepping stones, pots and planter boxes, raised garden beds or our amazing straightcurve product.

    Garden Edges

  2. Beautiful fence lines that are neighbour friendly

    When looking at street appeal, having new or easy-care fencing from the house to the curb means people feel the upkeep and care required for the property will be less and they will look at your property favourably.

    With a range of colours, designs, addons, fixtures and fittings, you will find something to suit your needs. For something unique, you should checkout our Permasteel deluxe range with three wood look colours of Ash, Teak and Walnut. These double sided neighbour friendly fences will add value for a low outlay, you won’t believe they are steel.

    Permasteel fencing range

  3. Retaining walls that feel luxurious.

    Technology has improved the way we create safety and stability on layered land with these easy to assemble retaining walls. You can split blocks, add sections, do terracing, create raised gardens and more using products from our range.

    We stock Pentablock, the amazing dry stack system that you can DIY, featured in house 5 on the Block in 2022. The landscaping added such value to the home with a feel of luxury resulting in an incredible sale price. You can see a snippet of what was achieved in this video.

    Whether you are large scale landscaping or doing a small area of uplift, using these tips will add to the value of your property and produce much better results.

    Make a valuable difference to your property, with products from the Team at AusLS.