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Universal Cross Bracing Strap for Modular Planters - Straightcurve

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The Straightcurve Universal Cross Bracing Strap is a versatile solution specifically engineered for landscape professionals. It’s designed to provide cross bracing for Straightcurve Fixed Height Modular Planters where two opposing joins are less than 1200mm apart, enhancing their stability and durability. Each set of Bracing Straps includes two lengths, which can be easily adjusted to span across the two joins in a cross-brace formation.

The straps run diagonally from the top of both straight joins to the bottom of the opposite straight joins, ensuring optimal support. These straps are adaptable to various spans - simply break away to the required span by hand, bending back and forth, and secure with the provided lock pins.

Universal Cross Bracing Strap by Straightcurve Specifications

  • Rigid 240/400/560mm: Requires 2 sets per length
  • Flex 240/400/560mm: Requires 2 sets per length (except for circles)
  • Zero-Flex 400/Planters: Builds wider than 1200mm, 1 set per straight join