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Tea Tree Mulch - 50L | Rocky Point

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50L Bag

Stunning deep hues and an authentic fragrance, perfect for revitalizing ornamental plants and native species.

Transform Your Garden Naturally with Rocky Point Tea Tree Mulch

Experience the enchanting beauty of Rocky Point's Tea Tree Mulch, designed to invigorate your garden with its rich hues and natural fragrance. Crafted as a by-product of tea tree oil production, this environmentally friendly mulch is a testament to sustainability and garden vitality.

Benefits of Choosing Rocky Point Tea Tree Mulch:

  • Organic and Fragrant: Enjoy a naturally aromatic garden with 100% organic mulch.
  • Water Conservation: Save water and reduce weeding time with its water-retaining properties.
  • Soil Improvement: Enhance soil structure and fertility for healthier plant growth.
  • Temperature Regulation: Shield your garden from extreme temperatures with insulating properties.
  • Weed Suppression: Say goodbye to unwanted weeds as Tea Tree Mulch inhibits their growth.
  • Erosion Prevention: Safeguard your soil against erosion, maintaining landscape integrity.
  • Native Garden Friendly: Tailored for native gardens, promoting biodiversity and sustainability.

How to Use Tea Tree Mulch - Rocky Point

Ensure optimal results with these simple steps:

  1. Prepare Your Garden: Clear the area of weeds before application.
  2. Application Depth: Apply evenly at 40-100 mm for new areas, or 20-40 mm for re-mulching.
  3. Plant Protection: Avoid direct contact with plant stems to prevent damage.
  4. Hydration is Key: Water thoroughly after spreading to enhance water retention and durability.

Unlock the potential of your garden with Rocky Point Tea Tree Mulch, certified by Australian Certified Organic standards for quality assurance. Elevate your landscape, conserve resources, and nurture a thriving ecosystem with every application.

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