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Snow White - Natural Pebbles

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Snow White Natural Pebbles are a type of white river pebble that is ideal for use as a decorative stone in gardens. They give a touch of glamour to any design with their subtle shimmer. Ideal for indoor and outdoor Balinese water fountains, pots, and gardens.

Mulching with Natural Pebbles

Often used as garden mulch, Natural Pebble mulch is a good choice for many garden kinds, and while installation prices are higher than tree mulch, maintenance costs are far lower. Tree bark and mulch are organic and will decompose. Replace mulch every 6-12 months and bark every 12-18 months. Decorative pebbles last a lifetime.

Snow White - Natural Pebbles Specifications

  • 20kg bag = 0.015m3 or 1m2 laid flat (depending on stone size)
  • Approximately 70 x 20kg = 1m3 or 70m2 laid flat = 1,400kg
  • Natural matte exterior
  • 100% Natural & Environmentally Friendly
  • Unique
  • Great as a mulch, features in potted plants and walkways