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Megaflo Green 170mm - Panel Drainage Systems

GST included

Megaflo® Green, the 100% recycled & Australian Made alternative. Its made & sourced in Australia, has a lower carbon footprint than other ag pipe alternatives.

Panel Drain System 170mm by Megaflo consists of a perforated HDPE core providing structural stability with soil ingress protection thanks to the bidim nonwoven geotextile wrapping the outer surface. Not only providing greater inflow capacity, it allows for horizontal and vertical installation for quick and effective subsoil drainage. Megaflo panel drain provides the dimensional stability and field-proven structural strength for quick, effective subsurface drainage.

Superior Filtration

A highly porous, strong three-dimensional structure with high elongation allows bidim Green nonwoven geotextiles to provide excellent filtration whilst allowing water to pass through and prevent soil migration. Can also prove quite cost effective than natural filters when used in revetment and subsoil drainage projects. bidim® Green nonwoven geotextiles also have a high melting point and high UV resistance.

Rapid Response Time

Twice the inflow capacity and under 60% of the response time when comparing to 100mm diameter round pipe. Performance is the primary feature of the panel drain system due to its ability to rapidly collect and remove water. The ultra slim 40mm wide profile also reduces costs permitting faster installation in a narrower trench.

High Strength

Horizontal, vertical the options are there for your needs. The ribbed structure provides greater strength under high traffic loads when vertical installation is an option. Structural rigidity, longitudinal stiffness and the properties of the high compressive modulus aids the Megaflo panel drain systems mechanical performance, ensuring  long term hydraulic flow capacity. The structural properties of the Megaflo panel drain system can typically require less backfill compared to a traditional trench resulting in cost savings and further reduced installation times.

Panel Drain System by Megaflo Specifications

  • Height: 170mm
  • Length: 20m, 50m, 100m
  • Australian Made
  • Environmentally friendly - manufactured from recycled HDPE
  • Cost effective - rapid installation in narrow trenches
  • Enhanced performance - increased height and rapid response times
  • High crush strength - can be installed closer to the surface
  • Can be utilised vertically or horizontally
  • High compressive modulus
  • Structural rigidity
  • Provides faster and higher inflow capacity