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Mushroom Compost - 25L | Greenworld Organics

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Enrich Your Garden with the Gold Standard of Compost, Mushroom Compost

Greenworld Organics Mushroom Compost is the gardener’s choice for enriching soil with a premium, nutrient-packed blend. Ideal for all types of gardens, this compost is not just a soil amendment; it’s a complete soil transformation tool. With its rich organic content and balanced micro-nutrients, it breathes life into your garden, ensuring your plants and vegetables thrive.

Why Choose Greenworld Organics Mushroom Compost?

  • Rich Organic Content: Sourced from high-quality spent mushroom substrate, it’s packed with organic matter that improves soil structure and water retention.
  • Micro-Nutrient Rich: An excellent source of often overlooked micro-nutrients like boron, cobalt, copper, and zinc, vital for plant health.
  • Soil Aeration and Wettability: It naturally loosens compacted soils, enhancing aeration and increasing the soil’s ability to retain water and nutrients.
  • Sustainable Gardening: By using this compost, you’re choosing a sustainable and renewable resource that supports the environment.
  • Certified Quality: Meets the strict testing standards of Australian Standards 4454, ensuring you’re using a product trusted by expert gardeners.

How to Use Greenworld Organics Mushroom Compost

  1. For Existing Garden Beds: Apply a 50-100mm layer over the top of your soil, dig in well to a depth of at least 150mm, and water thoroughly.
  2. For New Plantings: Place at least 100mm of compost at the bottom of the planting hole, backfill with compost, and water generously. For best results, leave for approximately 7 days before planting.

Ingredients for Success

  • Spent Mushroom Substrate: Provides a rich source of organic matter and essential nutrients.
  • Balanced Micro-Nutrients: Supplies plants with vital elements that promote healthy growth and robustness.
  • Soil Conditioning Properties: Improves soil structure, aeration, and water retention, creating the perfect environment for root development.

Transform your garden with Greenworld Organics Mushroom Compost, the ultimate choice for gardeners seeking to nurture their plants with the best nature has to offer.

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