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Lightweight Fibreglass Grayson Trough - White

GST included

Transform your garden with the Grayson Trough in classic white from Northcote Pottery. The rust-coloured exterior complements native grasses and shrubs, making it a standout statement piece or a bold addition to a multi-pot arrangement. Hand-crafted from a unique blend of lightweight fibreglass and glass-reinforced cement, these troughs offer durability with easy relocation.

Retro Design, Modern Elegance

The Grayson Trough features a straight-sided design with unique rounded corners, reminiscent of 80s style. The rounded stepped-in base adds a touch of retro charm. Lightweight yet robust, these pots provide a designer look with simple lines and great shapes, enhancing your outdoor space with timeless elegance.

Versatile Sizes and Retro Appeal

Available in Dark Grey, Rust, and White, these troughs come in various sizes to suit your gardening needs. From the X-Large for grand displays (L100 x W50 x H50cm) to the Small for more compact spaces (L45 x W22 x H22cm).

Durable Craftsmanship

Crafted with care, the Grayson Troughs are made using a combination of lightweight fibreglass and glass-reinforced cement. This unique construction ensures not only durability but also easy relocation, allowing you to effortlessly redesign your outdoor oasis.

Drainage for Healthy Plants

Equipped with drainage holes, these planters promote optimal plant health by preventing waterlogging. Your green companions will thrive in this retro-inspired yet modern container garden.

Grayson Trough by Northcote Pottery Specifications

  • Lightweight Composite
  • Weather Resistant
  • Drainage Holes
  • Small: L 45cm x W 22cm x H 22cm - 2.5kg - Capacity Est: 22L
  • Medium: W 60cm x L 30cm x H 30cm - 7.5kg - Capacity Est: 54L
  • Large: W 80cm x L 40cm x H 40cm - 17kg - Capacity Est: 128L
  • Extra Large: W 100cm x L 50cm x H 50cm - 28kg - Capacity Est: 250L

*Plants shown in pictures are not included with pots.