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Geotextile Filter Wrap

GST included

Geotextile Filter Wrap is sold in lengths of 50m, please select desired Width:

Geotextile Filter Wrap boast a stable matrix constructed from robust polyester fibers, ensuring exceptional physical and hydraulic properties. The ease of installation and seamless adaptation to various ground or trench surfaces set it apart from competitors.

Despite enduring rigorous installation stresses, the Geotextile Filter Wrap retains remarkable permeability, allowing for high flow rates and unmatched filtration properties. Rest assured, our geotextiles are also chemically resistant to naturally occurring soil alkalis and acids, ensuring long-lasting performance. Engineered with precision and manufactured to Australian standards & ISO 9002 quality procedures, this product is sure to meet your needs while exceeding your expectations.

Economical and Versatile Solutions

Embrace cost-effective alternatives to graded aggregate filters with geotextiles, providing economical solutions to various building, plumbing, and engineering applications. From trench drains and light separation to transpiration trenches and retaining wall filter systems, our non-woven geotextile Mini Rolls cater to your subsurface drainage requirements with ease. And that's not all! The applications extend to numerous drainage and landscaping projects, showcasing its versatility and reliability.

Geotextile Filter Wrap Specifications

  • Mass: 140g/m2
  • Flow rate: 300L/m2/s
  • Grab Tensile: 400N
  • Pore Size: 0.2mm
  • Width: 1m, 1.2m, 2m
  • Length: 50m