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Fruit Blend - Fruit Tree Fertiliser | Earthlife

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Earthlife Fruit Blend is a meticulously crafted fertiliser enriched with a symphony of 60 essential mineral elements, including nitrogen, natural rock phosphate, potassium, sulphate, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, boron, and plant-accessible silica. This holistic blend also features the active presence of over 30 beneficial microbe and fungi species.

Formulated For Fruit Trees

Earthlife Fruit Blend acts as the guardian of your fruiting plants, providing a harmonious balance of vital nutrients essential for robust and productive growth. It enhances the flowering phase, stimulates fruiting, and fortifies the fruits with extended freshness. Additionally, it nurtures a resilient and vigorous root system, empowering your plants to withstand challenging environmental conditions.

Where and When to Use Fruit Blend

Embrace the benefits of Earthlife Fruit Blend for all your newly planted or established fruit trees and other fruiting plants. This meticulously crafted blend has been designed with a singular goal: to invigorate fruit set, enhance fruit quality, extend shelf life, and maintain overall plant health.

Preparation of Soil Prior to Planting: As part of the preparation process, loosen a minimum of 1 square metre of soil for each tree. Follow the guidelines outlined in the establishment guide below. Turn over the soil and ensure thorough watering. Lightly mulch to a depth of 5cm. Ideally, this soil preparation should be completed three months prior to planting, but if needed, it can also be carried out at planting time.

Garden Mate, Garden Delight and Fruit Blend working together

Garden Mate: Complementing the trio, Garden Mate serves as a versatile soil and plant conditioner, a mineral and trace element source, pH regulator, and a substitute for lime, gypsum, and dolomite. It fosters the growth of beneficial micro-flora and promotes nitrogen production, particularly in mulch-utilizing scenarios.

Garden Delight: Earthlife's 100% natural composted plant food, Garden Delight, contributes to the equation by infusing extra minerals and humates into the topsoil, maintaining an environment conducive to optimal plant health.

Application Rate

Young Non-Bearing Plants: Generally, apply every 6 months to nurture their early growth.

Established Plants: Apply at various stages of growth, typically 4-5 times a year. Adjust frequency as necessary to cater to your plant's specific needs.

Other Information

  • Earthlife Fruit Blend plays a pivotal role in stabilizing soil pH, ensuring your garden's equilibrium.
  • For optimal results, spread the blend over the soil, either working it in or ensuring it's thoroughly watered in with irrigation.
  • It's ideal for use during fruit development and can be seamlessly incorporated throughout all stages of fruit tree growth.
  • For the most fruitful outcomes, consider using it in conjunction with other Earthlife garden products, each contributing to a holistic and thriving garden.

Typical Specifications of Fruit Blend

  • Nitrogen: 4.0%
  • Phosphate: 4.3%
  • Potassium: 5.1%
  • Calcium: 14.2%
  • Magnesium: 3.1%
  • Silica: 16.2%
  • Sulphate: 6.5%
  • Plus 60 other micro nutrients