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DIY Firepit with Brazier - PentaBlock

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The Ultimate Outdoor Firepit

This Large Firepit has been created by PentaBlock® which is a DIY Interlocking Brick Firepit that you can easily build yourself in minutes. No mortar, no glue, no tools required. Just stack the blocks and caps together, place the included steel brazier inside and you’re ready to light up the fire.

DIY Fire Pit Made Easy

PentaBlock is a unique interlocking vertical construction block system with a natural stone option. PentaBlock is the result of years of research and design to create a revolutionary dry stack walling system that is faster, stronger, and more beautiful than traditional methods. PentaBlock is used for all applications in the construction industry, including retaining walls, feature walls, domestic and commercial construction, swimming pools, fencing, and more.

Outdoor Firepit Built In Minutes

This outdoor fireplace includes A steel fire brazier, 16 blocks and 4 caps, enough to create a fire pit that stands 440mm high and measures 932mm x 932mm externally. You can choose from 4 different block styles to suit your preference: Newcastle, Melbourne, Grampians, or Sorrento.

PentaBlock Colours

Why Choose PentaBlock?

PentaBlock has many advantages over conventional block work and other dry stack products, tilt panels, and other walling systems. Here are some of the benefits of using PentaBlock for your fire pit and other outdoor projects:

  • Dry Stack System: PentaBlock features a patented design with a simple rebate joint that allows you to stack the blocks without any mortar or glue. This makes the construction process quick, and easy and eliminates the need for curing time and cleaning up the mess.
  • Rapid Construction: PentaBlock allows you to build up to 75% faster than traditional methods, saving you time and money. You can assemble your fire pit in minutes and enjoy it right away.
  • Fire Rating: PentaBlock has a fire rating of up to 4 hours, making it safe and durable for your fire pit. You can enjoy the warmth and glow of the fire without worrying about the safety of your family and property.
  • Cyclone Rated: PentaBlock is cyclone-rated, meaning it can withstand strong winds and storms. You can rest assured that your fire pit will remain stable and secure in any weather condition.
  • Unique Interlocking Design: PentaBlock has a unique interlocking design that creates pure vertical walling with no gaps or cracks. This gives your fire pit a sleek and modern look that complements any outdoor setting.
  • Natural Stone Option: PentaBlock comes in a range of natural stone options to choose from, such as sandstone, bluestone, limestone, and granite. You can match your fire pit with your existing landscape or create a contrast with a different colour and texture.
  • No Tanking or Waterproofing Required: PentaBlock does not require any tanking or waterproofing in some applications, making it ideal for outdoor use. You can enjoy your fire pit without worrying about water damage or leakage.
  • Strength: PentaBlock is 25% stronger than traditional masonry construction, making it resistant to impact and pressure. You can rely on your fire pit to last for decades and withstand the wear and tear of outdoor use.
  • Easy to Render: PentaBlock is easy to render with no moisture lines from mortar joints. You can apply any finish or coating you like to your fire pit to achieve the desired look and feel.

DIY Firepit with Brazier by PentaBlock Specifications

  • Kit Includes: 1 Steel brazier, 8 full blocks, 4 full left blocks, 4 full right blocks, and 4 bluestone caps
  • Dimensions: 932mm x 932mm x 440mm
  • Height: 440mm (2 blocks + 1 cap high)