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Charcoal - Natural Stone - Ki-Carma

GST included

Charcoal bagged natural stone by Ki-Carma is made from natural tumbled river stones found in Australia, this locally sourced product is perfect for any garden feature in a convenient bag.

Minimise Watering and Inhibit Weed Growth

With Bedrock Charcoal, you can minimise watering and inhibit weed growth, saving you time and effort. This long-lasting product is easy to spread, and its natural colour and beauty will enhance any garden.

A Sustainable Choice

Not only is Bedrock Charcoal a natural choice for your garden, but it is also sustainable. As a local Australian stone, you can feel good knowing that your choice is not contributing to the importation of foreign products.

Charcoal - Ki-Carma Specifications

  • Local Australian stone for quality and sustainability
  • Transform your garden with natural stones
  • enhance features, reduce watering, and prevent weeds
  • Enduring
  • Spread with ease