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Polesaw Multi-Tool Attachment | 36V Domestic | Bushranger

GST included

Bushranger BRUYJ85002 Polesaw Multi-Tool Attachment

Engineered for efficiency and ease, this Polesaw attachment seamlessly fits Bushranger's BRUYJMT2601, BRUYJMT2701, and BRU36V9701 Multi-Tool Powerheads, providing a cutting solution for your general yard duties.


  • 10" (254mm) bar with 3/8" low profile chain for precise cutting
  • Adjustable oil pump for optimal lubrication
  • Solid steel drive shaft, ensuring durability and precision in every use

85002 - 36V Polesaw Multi-Tool Attachment by Bushranger Specifications

Enhance your yard maintenance experience with the Bushranger Polesaw Attachment. Invest in quality, reliability, and efficiency for your landscaping needs.