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SureFire Slayer - Organic Herbicide - PCT

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SureFire Slayer Herbicide by PCT International is the ultimate organic herbicide for non-selective control of seedlings and young broadleaf and grass weeds. Packed with 525 g/L of Nonanoic Acid, our powerful formula offers effective suppression of established weeds and perennial species while also controlling moss and algae. Whether you're tending to orchards, vineyards, or fallow soil, choose Slayer for natural, eco-friendly weed management.

If you're unsure which SureFire herbicides to use to combat your weeds, check out this SureFire Weed Identification cheat sheet by SureFire. If we don't stock what you need from SureFire, we can specially order it for you. Contact our team by phone (07) 3667 7009

Experience the Power of Organic Weed Control

SureFire Slayer by PCT harnesses the strength of Nonanoic Acid to provide efficient and non-toxic weed control. Our organic herbicide targets weeds at their early stages, ensuring that they are eradicated without harming desirable plants. Say goodbye to chemical-laden solutions and embrace a natural approach to weed management with Slayer.

Choose the Perfect Container Size

We understand that every gardening project is unique, which is why Slayer by SureFire is available in three convenient container sizes. Whether you need a 1-litre bottle for small-scale applications, a 5-litre container for moderate use, or a 20-litre option for larger areas, we have you covered. Our goal is to provide you with the flexibility and quantity you need to achieve outstanding weed control naturally.

Please note: Before using, please read the enclosed leaflet.

SureFire Slayer Herbicide by PCT International Specifications

  • Active Ingredients: Nonanoic Acid 525 g/L
  • Emulsifiable water solubility
  • Available in 1 litre, 5 litre and 20 litre sizes