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SureFire Buffalo - Bindii & Broadleaf Herbicide - PCT

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SureFire Buffalo Herbicide by PCT International is your solution to a stunning and weed-free garden. Look no further than Buffalo by SureFire. Our high-quality herbicide is specially formulated to control bindii & broadleaf weeds, ensuring your wheat, oats, barley, cereal rye, triticale, linseed, grass pastures, and turf remain pristine. Experience the power of Buffalo and transform your outdoor space into a lush oasis.

If you're unsure which SureFire herbicides to use to combat your weeds, check out this SureFire Weed Identification cheat sheet by SureFire. If we don't stock what you need from SureFire, we can specially order it for you. Contact our team by phone (07) 3667 7009

Discover the Winning Combination

Buffalo by SureFire combines the active ingredients of Bromoxynil and MCPA, delivering exceptional control of broadleaf weeds. With 200g/L of Bromoxynil in the n-octanoyl ester form and 200g/L of MCPA in the ethyl hexyl ester form, our herbicide targets unwanted weeds while leaving your desired plants unharmed. Say goodbye to those stubborn broadleaf intruders and enjoy a picture-perfect garden.

Choose the Perfect Size for Your Needs

We understand that every gardening project is unique. That's why we offer our herbicide in three convenient sizes. Whether you need a 1-litre bottle for small-scale applications, a 5-litre container for moderate use, or a 20-litre option for larger areas, we have you covered. Empower your gardening endeavours with the right amount of Buffalo herbicide.

Please note: Before using, please read the enclosed leaflet.

Buffalo Herbicide - SureFire PCT International Specifications

  • Active Ingredients:
    • 200 g/L Bromoxynil present as the n-octanoyl ester
    • 200g/L MCPA present as the ethyl hexyl ester
    • Solvent: 343 g/L Liquid Hydrocarbons
  • Group I Herbicide
  • Water soluble
  • Available in 1 litre, 5 litre and 20 litre sizes