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Lawn Launcher Fertiliser 3kg - Lawn Solutions Australia

GST included

Lawn Launcher is your secret weapon for ensuring a superior start for your new lawn. Crafted by Lawn Solutions Australia, this magical mix combines high-quality fertiliser with Moisture Magnets Premium Water Crystals, providing your soil and plants with the essential nutrients needed for robust growth and root establishment.

Turf Kick Starter

Whether you're laying a new lawn, growing from seed, or planting a fresh garden, Lawn Launcher is your go-to solution. This fertiliser contains a nutrient-rich blend that kickstarts your lawn's growth, ensuring strong plant development. The added Moisture Magnets act as premium water crystals, reducing risks during lawn establishment and thriving even in water restrictions or extreme heat.

Moisture Magnets: Nature's Water Reservoir

Watch as the free-flowing white granules of Moisture Magnets transform into super-absorbent crystals when wet, collecting and releasing water as your lawn needs it. Say goodbye to the worries of water restrictions and extreme heat, as Lawn Launcher provides a moisture reservoir for your plants.

Application Tips for Optimal Results

Apply Lawn Launcher only on top of the soil before laying a new lawn—avoid applying it above the existing grass. Suitable for all lawns and a variety of trees, shrubs, and flowering plants, this versatile solution ensures a thriving landscape.

Lawn Launcherby Lawn Solutions Australia Specifications:

  • Coverage: 900g bucket covers up to 30m²
  • Active Ingredients:
    • Nitrogen (N) TOTAL 15%
      • As Ammonium - ENTEC (DMPP) 4.8%
      • As Urea 10%
      • As Organic 0.2%
    • Phosphorus (P) TOTAL 0.7%
      • As Water Soluble 0.6%
      • As Citrate Soluble 0.1%
    • Potassium (K) TOTAL 4%
      • As Chloride 4%
    • Sulphur (S) 19%
      • As Sulphate 19%
    • Calcium (Ca) 1.5%
    • Iron (Fe) 2%
    • Water Crystals - 5% by volume