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Lawn Kelper Liquid Fertiliser 2.5L - Lawn Solutions Australia

GST included

Introducing Lawn Kelper 2.5L, brought to you by Lawn Solutions Australia. This liquid nutrient fertiliser package is crafted with a balanced formulation enriched with Trace Elements, Seaweed Kelp, and Fulvic Acid, ensuring your turf receives the optimal nutrition it deserves.

Benefits for Your Lawn

  • Boost Lawn Health and Leaf Growth: Apply Lawn Kelper to supply a nutrient package that enhances lawn health and stimulates leaf growth, leaving your turf looking lush and vibrant.

  • Organic Kelp for Root and Shoot Growth: The inclusion of organic kelp stimulates robust roots and shoot growth, contributing to the overall vigour and strength of your lawn.

  • Improves Turf Resilience: Strengthen your turf's resilience against diseases and pest activities, ensuring a healthy and thriving lawn year-round.

  • Nutrient-Rich Formula: Packed with essential nutrients, Lawn Kelper enhances lawn health and promotes vigorous leaf growth, providing your lawn with the care it deserves.

  • Ideal for Year-Round Use: This versatile formula is designed for year-round application, keeping your lawn consistently dark green and healthy.

NPK – 8-2-8 + 10% Kelp & 2% Fulvic Acid

Lawn Kelper boasts a balanced nutrient profile, with Nitrogen (N) at 8.0%, Phosphorus (P) at 2.0%, and Potassium (K) at 8.0%. The additional 10% Kelp and 2% Fulvic Acid enhance the formula, creating a comprehensive solution for your lawn's needs.

Safe for Your Furry Friends

Rest easy knowing that Lawn Kelper is safe to use around domestic animals, ensuring your pets can enjoy a healthy and vibrant outdoor space.

Specifications: Lawn Kelper 2.5L

  • Coverage: 2.5L covers up to 1000m²
  • Active Ingredients:
    • Nitrogen (N) 8.0%
    • Phosphorus (P) 2.0%
    • Potassium (K) 8.0%
    • Kelp 10.0%
    • Fulvic Acid 2.0%
    • Magnesium (Mg) 0.01%
    • Zinc (Z) 0.05%
    • Iron (Fe) 0.28%
    • Copper (Cu) 0.04%
    • Boron 0.07%
    • Manganese (Mn) 0.03%
    • Molybdenum (Mo) 0.02%