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Sandstone Organic Stepping Stone

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Sandstone Organic Stepping Stone are available in different sizes, they are random and irregular in shape and create a very organic feel to your landscape. Their uneven edges and mottled texture give them a distinctive, organic aspect that sets them apart. The development of the stone occurs naturally, therefore there will be differences in hue, feel, and design. They are commonly used as stepping stones to make a more organic and aesthetically pleasing path through gardens, pathways, and patios. As they are simple to set up and care for, they are frequently used in landscaping designs. They're hardy, won't fade in the rain, and can be found in an array of hues and dimensions, making them versatile for any artistic endeavour.

Stylish Stepping Stones for Your Outdoor Space

Garden designs often include stepping stones. They help walkers avoid mud in gardens and lawns on damp or uneven ground. Stepping stones can also divide landscapes and form walkways. They can border flowerbeds and other garden components.

Sandstone Organic Stepping Stone Specifications

  • Organic
  • Resilient
  • Unique