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Post Hole Pincer | Kelso

GST included

Do you need a tool that can dig post holes and other deep narrow holes with ease? Then you need the Kelso Post Hole Pincer. This pincer is specially designed for digging post holes and other tasks that require precision and strength. It has two 100% tempered steel blades that can pierce through hard soil and rocks.

The perfect tool for digging post holes

This Post Hole Pincer also has strong reinforced handles that provide a comfortable grip and good leverage. The handles are made of strong and lightweight fibreglass that is resistant to weather and wear. The handles also have non-slip comfort grips that prevent the pincer from slipping out of your hands and have a heavy-duty steel socket that connects to the blades securely.

Kelso Post Hole Pincer by Kelso Specifications

  • Weight: 3kg
  • Length: 1500mm
  • Blade material: 100% tempered steel
  • Handle material: Fibreglass