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Hardwood Mattock | Garden Master

GST included

When you need to dig, cut, or clear your landscape, you need a tool that can handle any challenge. That’s why you need the Gardenmaster hardwood handle mattock. This mattock is designed for a variety of tasks, such as grubbing out stumps, trenching, breaking up packed soils, removing trees and shrubs, and cutting through roots. It has a fully forged steel head that is durable and powerful, with a wide flat blade for digging and a sharp cutter for slicing. Both ends are sharpened to make your work easier and faster.

General Purpose Mattock

This Hardwood Handle Mattock also has a strong hardwood handle that provides a comfortable grip and long-lasting durability. The handle is designed to absorb shock and reduce fatigue, so you can work longer and harder without straining your muscles or joints. Plus, the handle is backed by a 10-year guarantee, so you can trust that this mattock will serve you well for years to come. Order yours today and get ready to tackle any landscaping project with ease!

Hardwood Handle Mattock by Gardenmaster Specifications

  • Length: 900mm
  • Head material: Fully forged steel
  • Handle material: Hardwood