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Steel Fence Kit - 2350 x 2100mm - Standard Range | PermaSteel

GST included

Thinking about building a privacy fence that'll look great, last for decades and keep the neighbour happy? Consider a PermaSteel Fence Kit. These Fence Kits are made in Australia for Australia and designed to meet Australian standards all with a 10 Year Warranty.

This Fence Kit starts as 2350mm Wide by 2100mm High. Order 5 to cover 11750mm of fence line.

PermaSteel Colour Guide

All PermaSteel fences are coated with a Regular Modified Polyester paint system developed by one of the world’s largest industrial paint producers, who supply many of the world's biggest steel producers.

Permasteel Frame Colors for Colorbond Fence

Fence Kit Includes:

  • 3 x 2090mm High Infill Sheets
  • 2 x 2700mm Fence Posts
  • 2 x 2350mm Fence Rails
  • 12 x 10-16*16 Self Tapping Tek Screws

PermaSteel infill sheets are a solid 0.35mm thick, a testament to our commitment to quality over cost-cutting measures. We understand that your fence deserves the very best, which is why we don't compromise on thickness.

Why PermaSteel?

PermaSteel Fence kits feature a pristine finish, thanks to our Regular Modified Polyester paint system. This paint system is sourced from a leading global industrial paint producer, trusted by steel giants worldwide. Your fence will not only be robust but also an exquisite addition to your property.

Australia's weather can be harsh, but PermaSteel has you covered. Our infill sheets boast a special ALLOY/ZINC coating that offers prolonged protection against the harshest elements. With PermaSteel, your fence will stand strong, season after season. PermaSteel products come with a 10 Year Warranty and are the perfect choice for anyone who wants a fence that is long-lasting, attractive and environmentally friendly.

PermaSteel products come in different sizes to suit your fencing requirements. Contact us via Email or Call Us if you're unsure how much to order.

Infill Sheets by PermaSteel Specifications

  • Installed Panel Height: 2100mm + desired gap under fence
  • Installed Panel Width: 2350mm
  • Infill Sheet Thickness: 0.35mm
  • Post & Rail Metal Thickness: 0.85mm
  • Base Material: Steel - G550 (500MPA Minimum yield)
  • Protective Coating: Double Sided Colour (Regular Modified Polyester)
  • Australian Standards: Complies with A5 1397-2001