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Fence Post Black Plastic Cap Flat Top Style - 50mm by PermaSteel

GST included

This cap is designed to fit the 50mm PermaSteel fence posts supplied in the PermaSteel fence kits.

If you are looking for a durable, stylish and eco-friendly fence post, look no further than PermaSteel. PermaSteel fence posts are made of high-quality steel that is 18% thicker than most other posts, ensuring strength and stability. They are also galvanised with a protective layer that prevents rust and corrosion, even when buried in the ground.

Why PermaSteel?

PermaSteel fence posts are not only strong, but also beautiful. They are coated with a double-sided colour paint system that is developed by one of the world’s leading industrial paint producers. You can choose from a range of popular colours that match your needs, such as black, stone, monolith, woodgrain and more. PermaSteel fence posts will enhance the appearance of your property and complement any landscape design.

PermaSteel fence posts are also easy to install and maintain. They have an efficient design that generates very little waste or scraps during installation. They are 100% recyclable and comply with Australian standards for steel products. PermaSteel fence posts come with a 10 Year Warranty and are the perfect choice for anyone who wants a fence that is long-lasting, attractive and environmentally friendly.