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DIY BETTA Retaining Walls | Ultra strong and ultra light!

Beyond Steel UC Posts - 3.25kg/m!

It's 75% less heavy than steel, and yet it is stronger in most respects, more eco-friendly; and it comes with a 30-year guarantee. Less time and energy is needed for transit and setup. Since they are made of a polymer, they are highly weatherproof and immune to rust and corrosion as well as extreme temperatures.

S.S.R Sleepers - 7.6kg/m!

Just 7.6 kg per linear metre! For retaining walls and garden beds, BETTA S.S.R. (Structural Steel Reinforced) Sleepers are the most widely used green sleeper in Australia. The composite material used to make sleepers is 88% recycled plastic and wood, with steel reinforcement. They're impervious to deterioration and termites too.

DIY BETTA Fence Kits | Reduce Upto 26dB

Easy To Install

Enhance Your Peace and Quiet with BETTA Acoustic Fencing, the Effortless Solution for Noise Reduction! Featuring interlocking panels made from recycled wood plastic composite, BETTA's acoustic fence not only enhances your yard's aesthetics but also contributes to a quieter environment.

Reduce Noise Up To 26dB

BETTA achieves this impressive noise reduction through the composition and interlocking design of its panels. Each panel is 15kg per m2 and 24mm thick (25mm for Pearl & Tan), making it seven times thicker than Colorbond and double the thickness of an average pine fence paling.