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Weathering Steel Planter Box 800 x 800mm - Straightcurve

GST included

Weathering Steel Planter Boxes comprise steel alloys known collectively as "weathering steel", designed to prevent the need for painting by developing a stable rust-like appearance when exposed to the elements. Just what you need to make a stunning space in your house with no effort.

Straightcurve design & manufacture a pro-grade range of durable, maintenance-free, high-quality steel garden planter products. Their products are all purpose-designed in looking neat & tidy, beautifully designed, and simple to maintain.

Pre-built so you can Click & Collect

Straightcurve's fixed-height solutions are ideal for building planter boxes, raised flower beds, and other decorative elements in Australian backyards and public places. Prefabricated planters, high-quality, weathered-finish structures are readily available.

Designed & produced by an experienced landscape designer and a seasoned product engineer, only Straightcurve weathering steel products include the unique set of design details that combine to make such a good-looking, long-lasting, high-quality product range.

Weathering Steel Planter Box 800 x 800mm by Straightcurve Specifications

  • Natural weathering look
  • Rolled top for child & pet safety
  • Height: 560mm
  • Flat border edging
  • Pro grade high quality
  • DIY gardener friendly