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Washed Sand - OneMix

GST included

Approx. 102 x 20kg bags = 1m3

Weatherproof Packaging

  • Safe for year-round (unopened) outdoor use
  • seals off the product from escaping and the dust from accumulating
  • Resistance to tearing and shock has been increased, which helps cut down on waste.

OneMix Washed Sand is produced in a state-of-the-art facility employing a fine graded sand and cutting-edge weighing, mixing, and packaging equipment.

OneMix Washed Sand can be used for potting mixes, sandboxes, playgrounds, and barbeques. Washed Sand is a raw material that can be utilised in conjunction with a cement product. Paving, rendering, and tiling are just a few examples of the many uses it has in the construction industry.

Washed Sand - OneMix Specifications

  • Fine grade sand that has been washed and dried
  • Ideal for both professional and amateur use.
  • Consistent grade and quality

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

Works great for my daughters playground area. Very consistent and soft.