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Terrain Tile | Concrete Paver - Edenstone

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Discover the unparalleled beauty and versatility of Terrain Tile Pavers by Edenstone. These contemporary, pristine pavers are designed to bring the essence of indoor living to your outdoor space, creating a textured stone floor finish.

Why Choose Edenstone Pavers?

1. Easy Care Concrete Finish: Terrain pavers feature a low-maintenance finish, ensuring that your outdoor space remains pristine with minimal effort.

2. Pool Compatibility: Terrain pavers are suitable for use around chlorine and saltwater pools when an appropriate sealer is applied and paver maintenance is adhered to.

Edenstone Masonry: Quality Beyond Compare

Edenstone Masonry takes pride in creating handmade pavers that elevate your home or commercial landscaping project with style, endurance, and quality. Their vast range includes complementing pieces, ensuring that we offer the perfect solution for every lasting purpose.

Terrain Pavers by Edenstone Specifications:

  • Available Sizes: 400x400x40mm
  • Pavers per Square Meter: 7
  • Pool Compatibility: Suitable with proper sealer application and maintenance.