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Orchid Mix Soil - 30L | Rocky Point

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30L Bag

Cultivate Exquisite Orchids with Orchid Mix

Rocky Point Orchid Mix is the connoisseur’s choice for nurturing a breathtaking array of orchid species. This superior structural mix, ideal for both epiphytic and terrestrial orchids, is crafted to create the perfect growing conditions for orchids’ delicate beauty.

Why Choose Rocky Point Orchid Mix?

  • Specialized Blend: Designed for an array of orchids including Cattleyas, Phalaenopsis, Dendrobiums, Oncidiums, and Cymbidiums, our mix caters to the specific needs of these.
  • Professional Grade: Used by professional orchid growers, this mix is prepared and tested under strict conditions, certified to Australian Standards 3743 for a Regular Grade Potting Mix.
  • Optimal Growth Environment: The lightweight, long-term growing mix provides an open and free-draining environment, ideal for orchid health and blooming.
  • Added Nutrients: With added trace elements and minerals, our Orchid Mix ensures your plants receive all the necessary nutrients for robust growth.

How to Use Rocky Point Orchid Mix

  • Potting Orchids: Choose a pot that fits the root system and allows for two years of growth. Ensure adequate drainage holes. Fill the pot with Orchid Mix, position the orchid, and gently work the mix between the roots. Water lightly and place in a well-ventilated location.
  • Garden Beds: For outdoor planting, select a shady, well-ventilated spot. Create a mould with the Orchid Mix, plant your orchid, and water gently.

Ingredients for Success

  • Quality Structural Medium: Provides a stable foundation for orchid roots, promoting healthy growth.
  • Trace Elements and Minerals: Essential for the development of vibrant blooms and strong plants.
  • Lightweight Composition: Ensures proper aeration and drainage, mimicking the natural habitat of orchids.

With Rocky Point Orchid Mix, you’re not just planting orchids; you’re setting the stage for a spectacular display of nature’s most elegant flowers.

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