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Onyx Block Pattern Optimum Sealed Concrete Sleepers

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Onyx Block Pattern Optimum Sealed Concrete Sleepers are the superior sealed sleepers, manufactured by PCD, crafted with the utmost precision using concrete independently tested to an impressive 55-60Mpa! Reinforced with 2 x N12 reinforcement bars, these sealed sleepers are designed to last for an impressive 60 years, making them the perfect choice for straight retaining walls, high retaining walls, garden beds, and steps.

Why Choose PCD Concrete Sleepers?

Higher Manufacturing Standards for Unmatched Quality

PCD is renowned for its commitment to exceptional manufacturing standards. The Onyx Block Pattern Optimum Sealed Concrete Sleepers are meticulously crafted to deliver superior quality and strength. With a focus on precision and attention to detail, PCD ensures that each sleeper meets and exceeds industry standards, guaranteeing a long-lasting solution for your project.

Lower Margin of Error for Consistent Sleepers

Consistency is key when it comes to concrete sleepers, and PCD understands this importance. Their advanced manufacturing process minimizes the margin of error, resulting in consistent sleepers that fit seamlessly together. Say goodbye to mismatched or uneven sleepers and enjoy a sleek and professional finish with the Onyx Block Pattern Optimum Sealed Concrete Sleepers.

Quicker Installation Time for Increased Efficiency

Time is valuable, and PCD understands that your project deadlines matter. That's why the Onyx Block Pattern Optimum Sealed Concrete Sleepers are designed to expedite the installation process. With their precise dimensions and uniformity, these sleepers can be easily installed, saving you both time and effort. Get your project completed efficiently without compromising on quality.

Leaders in Concrete Sleepers

As pioneers in the industry, PCD has earned a reputation as leaders in the field of concrete sleepers. With their extensive experience and expertise, PCD continuously innovates and refines their products to meet the evolving needs of customers. When you choose PCD, you're choosing a trusted brand that has consistently delivered excellence.

Slow Cure Process for Enhanced Durability

The Onyx Block Pattern Optimum Sealed Concrete Sleepers undergo a meticulous slow cure process, ensuring exceptional strength and durability. This process ensures that the sleepers are resistant to cracking, chipping, and weathering, even under challenging conditions. Invest in sleepers that will stand the test of time and provide lasting support for your outdoor spaces.

Visually Appealing Design for Aesthetically Pleasing Results

With their stylish Optimum Onyx Block Pattern, these concrete sleepers not only offer functionality but also enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor areas. Create stunning retaining walls, garden beds, and steps that elevate the overall aesthetics of your space. Make a statement with Onyx Block Pattern Optimum Sealed Concrete Sleepers and leave a lasting impression.

Onyx Block Pattern Optimum Sealed Concrete Sleepers by PCD Specifications

  • Stated size is distance between post centres - actual sleeper length is ~9mm less
  • Dimensions: L: 1580 / 1980 / 2380 x H: 200 x D: 75mm
  • Weights approx.:
    1580mm 60kg
    1980mm 70kg
    2380mm 80kg
  • Reo bar enforced
  • Sealed, strong and durable
  • Colour of sleepers is only an indication and may vary due to screen settings.