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Multi-Tool - 5.0Ah Kit | 36V Domestic | Bushranger

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Bushranger 36V9701 Battery Powered Multi-Tool 5.0Ah Kit

Discover the ultimate outdoor power solution with the Bushranger 36V9701, a revolutionary battery-powered multi-tool designed to elevate your gardening experience. This Swiss army knife of landscaping boasts a 36V brushless motor, offering unparalleled versatility with four separate attachments: a line trimmer, pole saw, hedge trimmer, and edger, each sold separately or as a complete set.

Convenience Redefined

Welcome to the future of gardening convenience! The Bushranger 36V9701 Battery Powered Multi-Tool is your all-in-one solution for a perfectly manicured garden. With a quick release coupling, seamlessly switch between attachments such as a line trimmer, chainsaw head pruner, articulated hedge trimmer, and an edger.

Embrace the advantages of battery-powered equipment - no more noise, no pull cords, and no hassle with flammable liquids. Simply charge the battery, pull the trigger, and start transforming your garden. Enjoy the quiet efficiency of a 36V brushless motor, weighing just 2.2 kg for effortless handling.

Run Times:

  • Line trimmer (with the nylon head and 2.4 mm cord) with 2.5 ah battery: 10 min / 5.0 ah battery: 20 min
  • Line trimmer with metal blade and 2.5 ah battery: 40 min / 5.0 ah battery: 1 hr 22 min
  • Polesaw/pruner with 2.5 ah battery: 28 min / 5.0 ah battery: 45 min
    ***Note - The oil pump in max adjustment will last 8 minutes, Oil pump is adjustable. Must keep an eye on oil tank.
  • Articulated hedge trimmer with 2.5 ah battery: 38 min / 5.0 ah battery: 1 hr 37 min
  • Edger with 2.5 ah battery: 40 min / 5.0 ah battery: 1 hr 20 min

36V9701 - 36V Multi-Tool 5.0Ah Kit by Bushranger Specifications

  • Tool Warranty: 3-year domestic warranty
  • Battery Warranty: 2-year domestic warranty
  • 36 Volt brushless motor
  • Four attachments: line trimmer, pole saw, hedge trimmer, and edger
  • Quick release coupling
  • Lightweight: 2.2 kg
  • Safety Features: Safety lockout trigger, top trigger must be down before unit can operate

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