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Landscape Rake - Flat Blade | Williams Tool Co

GST included

The Landscape Rake by Willaims Tool Co is a great tool for any landscaper who wants to create a neat and tidy outdoor space. It has a lightweight construction that weighs under 1kg, reducing fatigue over extended periods of use. The handle is red powder-coated for easy cleaning and to prevent chaffing on your hands. The red colour also makes it easy to find in grass and other locations.

Heavy Duty Landscaping Rake

The rake has an extra strong weld that can withstand the pressure of pushing or pulling soil, gravel, sand, or mulch without breaking. The rake head has a 30-degree bend that has been rigorously tested to provide the optimal amount of power and control without digging into the material being pushed or pulled. The rake has a 1.5m handle and a 0.5m blade width, making it suitable for any landscaping job.

Made in Australia

This rake is made in Australia with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, ensuring durability and reliability. It is a versatile and durable tool that can handle any landscaping project with ease and efficiency.

Concrete Rake by William Tool Co Specifications

  • Handle Length: 1500mm
  • Blade Width: 500mm
  • Weight: Under 1kg