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Jade - Polished Pebbles - 20kg

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Jade Polished Pebbles are a beautiful accent to any garden, water feature, large pot, or other feature areas, and their rich, brilliant colouration is even more attractive when wet. The green tones, as the name implies, went from a pastel lime to a rich jewel-like jade.

Decorating with Polished Pebbles

Smooth, multicoloured stones that have been polished to a high sheen are commonly utilised as decorative accents in landscaping. Many people like them because of how nice they seem, how useful they are, and how long they last. Garden beds, rock gardens, water features, and walkways are just some of the many potential uses for these stones. Polished pebbles can be found in a variety of sizes, colours, and textures, making it easy to locate the perfect stones for your garden or backyard.

Jade - Polished Pebbles Specifications

  • 20kg bag = 0.015m3 or 1m2 laid flat (depending on stone size)
  • Approximately 70 x 20kg = 1m3 or 70m2 laid flat = 1,400kg
  • Polished smooth exterior
  • 100% Natural & Environmentally Friendly
  • Unique
  • Great as a mulch, features in potted plants and walkways
  • Quality finish