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Raised Garden Bed 2160mm Straightcurve Weathering Steel

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Straightcurve Flex Raised Garden Bed – a high-quality pro-grade weathering steel product made for smooth curving lines. Straightcurve products have quickly become a favourite among DIY gardeners and professional landscapers as they’re specifically designed to achieve a flawless fit & finish, more quickly & easily than any other landscaping edge on the market.

Straightcurve design & manufacture a large range of durable, maintenance-free, high-quality steel garden edging, raised garden beds, and planter products. Their products are all purpose-designed to keep lawns, paths, driveways, raised garden beds and planters looking neat & tidy, beautifully designed, and simple to maintain.

Organic and flowing lines

The Flex Raised Garden Bed line above ground Flexline products, allows you to achieve that flawless professional finish on your own. Easy to install, our landscaping products have been designed with DIY in mind. Why pay someone else to do what you can achieve yourself? Flexline can be curved to suit all kinds of twists and turns in your raised garden beds.

Designed & produced by an experienced landscape designer and a seasoned product engineer, only Straightcurve steel garden edging products include the unique set of design details that combine to make such a good-looking, long-lasting, high-quality product range that anyone can install with ease.

Flex Raised Garden Bed & Retaining by Straightcurve Specifications

  • Breakaway joint set
  • Rolled top for child & pet safety with notches for smooth even curves
  • 5 x Fixing Spikes with each length
  • Length: 2,160mm
  • Raised border edging
  • High set lawn barrier for invasive grasses
  • Pro grade high quality
  • DIY gardener friendly
  • Heights available in:
    • 240mm
    • 400mm
    • 560mm