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Fence Rail 50 x 48mm by PermaSteel

GST included

Are you looking for a sleek, sturdy and sustainable rail for your fence? Look no further than PermaSteel. PermaSteel fence rails are square in shape with two extra strengthening ribs running along each face, giving them a modern and elegant look. They are also 0.80 mm thick, which is thicker than most other rails on the market, ensuring durability and stability.

Why PermaSteel?

PermaSteel fence rails are not only sleek, but also resistant to harsh weather conditions. They are protected by a special alloy/zinc coating that provides longer lasting protection against rust and corrosion. They are also coated with a double-sided colour paint system that is developed by one of the world’s leading industrial paint producers. You can choose from a range of popular colours that match your needs, such as black, stone, monolith, woodgrain and more. PermaSteel slimline rails will make your fence stand out and last longer.

PermaSteel fence rails are also easy to install and maintain. They have an efficient design that generates very little waste or scraps during installation. They are 100% recyclable and comply with Australian standards for steel products. PermaSteel slimline rails are the ideal choice for anyone who wants a rail that is stylish, strong and eco-friendly.

PermaSteel Colour Guide

All PermaSteel fences are coated with a Regular Modified Polyester paint system developed by one of the world’s largest industrial paint producers, who supply many of the world biggest steel producers.


PermaSteel Rail Colours

PermaSteel fence rails come in different sizes to suit your fencing requirements. You can choose lengths of 2350mm or 3100mm.

    Fence Rails by PermaSteel Specifications

    Base Metal Thickness:

    Base Material:

    Protective Coating:

    Prepainted Finish:

    Australian Standards:


    Steel - G550 (500MPA Minimum yield)

    Galvanised - AZ150 (150g/m2 Min coating mass)

    Double Sided Colour (Regular Modified Polyester)

    Complies with A5 1397-2001