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Corflute Protective Flooring

GST included
Black - 2.4 x 1.2m x 2.5mm

Corflute Protective Flooring is a type of protective flooring created from a plastic sheet material known as corrugated polypropylene. Because of its low installation and maintenance costs and high resistance to wear and moisture, this material is frequently used as a temporary or semipermanent floor covering.

Corflute is perfect for...

Corflute protective flooring is commonly used to offer a secure and safe surface for people and machinery in construction zones, events, and other outdoor environments. It's also common in commercial and industrial settings as a floor covering to prevent damage during renovations and repairs. Corflute flooring is simple to install on any surface, adjust to different dimensions, and take care of.

Corflute Protective Flooring Specifications

  • 2.4m x 1.2m sheet
  • 2.5mm thick
  • Corflute is excellent for use as a wall and floor impact buffer
  • Adaptable, lightweight, and easy to shape to suit your needs
  • Cuts cleanly, or tapes together when laid flat
  • Cost-effective for bigger spaces
  • Weatherproof