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Colorbond Steel Gate Post - 65x 65mm

GST included

Colorbond Steel Gate Post

If you're building a Colorbond Steel Fence, you may need a thicker gate post to hold your gate panels. Colorbond fences are meticulously crafted, using only Genuine BlueScope Colorbond® Steel, proudly made in Australia to adhere to the highest Australian Standards, ensuring durability in our diverse conditions.

This gate post is 65 x 65mm, to manage the extra weight load of hanging gate panels from. We recommend using the 50 x 50mm gate post for fence posts. It's also tough powder-coated & galvanised steel to match your Colorbond fence and to protect it from the harsh Australian enviroment.

Colorbond Gate Colour

Immerse yourself in choice with the Colorbond Colour Guide. Choose from 22 modern colours including the sleek and sophisticated Slate Gray. Coated with a Regular Modified Polyester paint system from a global industrial paint leader. We provide you with not just a fence that’ll last in Australian Conditions, but a personalized expression of your style.

Colorbond Fence Colours Available to Order from Australian Landscape Supplies

Colorbond Fences, Gates and Panels Available

Extend your design possibilities with our range of Colorbond Gates & Colorbond Panels. We have a range of 930mm and 1700mm gates and panels to suit your fence project. Each product is crafted with the same dedication to excellence, ensuring a cohesive and stylish look for your entire fencing project.

Why Colorbond?

Colorbond®, proudly manufactured in Australia, is specifically crafted to withstand the rigours of the country's harsh weather conditions, ensuring unparalleled durability and resilience in every fence. Colorbond Steel Privacy Fencing stands out for its excellence, meeting Australian Standards and offering a range of 10-year warranty on its products including the color bond fence panels, gates, posts and rails.

Colorbond products come in various sizes, catering to your unique fencing requirements. Unsure about how much to order? Contact us via Email or Call Us if you're unsure how much to order.

Fence Post by Colorbond Specifications

  • Post Thickness: 0.80mm BMT
  • Base Material: Genuine Colourbond® Steel by BlueScope Steel
  • Australian Standards: Complies with A5 1397-2001