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Carved Fence Panel - BETTA

GST included

Carved Fence Panel - BETTA is sold in lengths of 0.44m x 2.26m.

Carved Fence Panel by BETTA has an Eco-Friendly, DIY Ready design with BETTA's modular post and rail system. Making installation a breeze and backed with a 20 year warranty!

Decorative Panels

These panels will provide your fence with a designer look, without the hassle. Taking up two and half panels of your BETTA fence, these can be added at any height, but will always impress!

Corrosion & Rust Proof

Being that these aren't any normal panels, their polymer nature provides excellent resilience to the elements supplying them resistance to rust, corrosion and extreme temperatures with the added benefit of being non-conductive.

DIY Friendly

Drop the nail guns, saws or other tools a traditional timber fence requires when building, modular means you'll be a pro! Simply 3 easy steps and its up:

  1. Set your posts
  2. Screw in your bottom rail
  3. Slide in the lightweight fencing panels, its as easy as that!

Please note:

  • Mid-Trellis design requires 2 panel brackets per trellis
  • Full Trellis design requires 2 panel brackets per trellis plus 2 trellis uprights per bay.

Carved Fence Panel by BETTA Specifications

  • Modular design - DIY Ready
  • Dimensions: 1960mm x 440mm
  • Height: occupies 2.5 standard panels
  • Engineered for DIY
  • Rot & warp resistant
  • Each panel sold individually