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Cactus Mate - Cacti & Succulent Plant Food | Earthlife

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Discover the natural essence of Earthlife Cactus Mate, a 100% plant-based nourishment designed exclusively for cacti and succulents. This unique blend contains plant-available silica, essential minerals, trace elements, organic material, and microorganisms friendly to your garden. Free from contaminants, manures, blood and bone, or synthetic fertilizers, Cactus Mate is crafted for the discerning gardener seeking purity in plant care.

What Makes Cactus Mate Your Go-To Choice?

Cactus Mate elevates soil quality, fostering healthier plants with accelerated establishment, reduced maintenance needs, and heightened resistance to rotting, pests, and diseases. This nutrient-rich blend also enhances flowering and stimulates earthworm activity, contributing to a thriving garden ecosystem.

Where and When to Use Cactus Mate

Garden Mate is a must for all gardens, trees, pot plants, lawns, and new gardens. Use it during planting, transplanting, or re-potting to ensure your green paradise thrives.

How Often to Use It

Typically, every 3 to 4 months, or more frequently as needed.

Recommended Application Rates

  • General Conditioning: 100gm/m² (1 handful approx)
  • Most Planting Situations: 300gm/m² (3 handfuls approx)
  • Re-Potting: 25gm/L potting mix (1 tablespoon)
  • Problem Soils or Areas: 500gm/m² (5 handfuls approx)
  • Heavy Clay Soil or Very Sandy Soils: 1kg-2kg/m² (10 - 20 handfuls approx)

Other Information

  • Cactus Mate is approved for use in organic gardening, making it a sustainable choice.

  • Suitable for all soils or pots, it contains natural rock phosphate, ensuring safety for all cacti and succulents.

  • Contaminant-free, and devoid of chemicals or animal waste, it ensures a clean and safe environment for your plants.

  • Gentle on plant foliage and roots, it can be spread around existing plants or gardens without causing harm.

  • Reduces transplant shock, providing a seamless transition for your plants.

  • For optimum results, pair Cactus Mate with other Earthlife garden products to create a holistic plant care routine.

Typical Specifications of Cactus Mate by Earthlife

  • Nitrogen: 0.5%
  • Phosphate: 0.3%
  • Potassium: 1.1%
  • Calcium: 10.8%
  • Magnesium: 2.9%
  • Silica: 32.0%
  • Sulphate: 0.8%
  • Iron: 1.2%
  • Organic Matter: 30.0%
  • Plus 60 other essential micro-nutrients.