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Standard 725mm Hedge Trimmer Multi-Tool Attachment | 36V Commercial | Bushranger

GST included

Bushranger PUMC-HTS242 Hedge Trimmer Attachment

Is your garden in need of a makeover? Look no further than the Bushranger PUMC-HTS242 Standard Hedge Trimmer Attachment. Designed to handle higher plants and shrubs with ease, this attachment brings precision and power to your landscaping toolkit.

Key Features of the PUMC-HTS242:

The PUMC-HTS242 boasts a 270° swivel head and 725mm long shaft, allowing you to reach every angle effortlessly. Its solid steel shaft is meticulously crafted for optimal performance, while durable bronze bushings minimize vibrations and power loss. Made in Japan, it's a testament to quality and reliability.

36V Commercial Standard Hedge Trimmer Multi-Tool Attachment - PUMC-HTS242 by Bushranger Specifications:

Upgrade your gardening game with the Bushranger PUMC-HTS242 Hedge Trimmer Attachment. Experience precision, power, and peace of mind with every trim.